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There is NO CORE charge. All transmission builds are created from brand new stock T56 Magnums, NO USED transmissions EVER. Read more here: GR700 Transmission, GR900We take a brand new Magnum Trans and give it a 1st thru 4th carbon fiber blocker ring upgrade.

It has many many gear options available, … The kit is 100% bolt in, but does require welding of the front support to your stock subframe. Rushing matters will only result in mistakes being made that will come back to haunt you once you’re ready to turn the ignition key.

Which wiring loom and ECU? Always use some type of thread sealer on the flywheel bolts. Despite completing this swap (and taking these photos) in 2011, this guide is very comprehensive but just like with anything mechanical, there will be some slight differences between cars, engines and installations methods. LSX, LS1, LS3, LS7 Swap, engine swap, 240sx engine swap kit, v8 swap kit, JZ swap kit, cd009 swap kit, transmission adapter Engine Swap Kits For Engines and Differing Transmissions JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Rather than risk breaking your transmission and not being able to repair it, I suggest swapping to this setup and put your V160 away for safe keeping. Tomei SR20 … Stock modified:The first option is sending me your stock axles outer stubs as cores which will be converted to work with the 8.8.

Copyright © 2020 Miata SR20.com - All Rights Reserved. 240sxmotoring.com is not responsible for typographical errors. CXRacing LS1 LS Engine Motor Mount Swap Kit For 1986-1991 Mazda RX-7 RX7 FC . I’m planning on doing this exact swap to my 95 S14 Zenki. More Info. I parted the car out and kept the drivetrain which cost me nearly nothing but the real advantage was that I had a chance to drive the car and do a compression test on the motor to ensure everything was in proper working order. The clutch that you see here is a Fidanza unit. Unit 9 / 386 Scarborough Beach Road, OSBORNE PARK, WA 6017, AUSTRALIA. We all know the V160 is a great transmission, but V160 parts have become impossible to find. This was my workspace for the swap. Thai-Phoon Pty Ltd is the former owner of Speedworks in Perth, Western Australia which specialized in enhancing the performance of Japanese and European Sports cars. Also includes sprayer bung mod and case mods to fit Supra tunnel.

Read more here: GR900 Tranmission, GR1000We take a brand new Magnum Trans and give it a full REM polishing and Cryogenic treatment of the gear set. This kit includes a brand new Tremec T56 Magnum (built to your choice. SR20 wiring loom and computer.

It's only fun if it scares you. The second reason is simplicity.

FD3S Mazda RX7 Ford 8.8" Rear End Swap Kit by Ronin Speedworks, AXLES ONLY - Ford 8.8" Rear End Swap Lexus IS300, AXLES ONLY - Ford 8.8" Rear End Swap Scion FR-S / Subaru BR-Z, AXLES ONLY - Ford 8.8" Rear End Swap Toyota Supra / Lexus SC300, Complete Rebuilt-Built Ford 8.8 IRS - Thunderbird, Cobra, or Explorer case with lsd. You may need to trim your bumper slightly depending on what intercooler you get but it wont be much. turbo kits to swap kits, we got it all. GR700This is a brand new T56 Magnum direct from the Tremec factory, and I match the big box store prices. I also include a wiring pigtail kit, and billet speed sensor block off.

Unlike the other swaps, no custom mounts or drive shafts are needed. Do I need your sump? Plan for a full weekend of wrenching and remember the key is to take your time, especially if this is your first SR swap. The lure of cheap motors usually comes at a cost of performance when you finally get it fired up (if it even fires at all). Try calling Summit and asking for help on your T56 Magnum swap! The shifter sits perfectly in the factory location. By the way, you’ll have to excuse the mismatched paint on S14. As for the rebar, you’ll have to cut it to fit most decent sized intercoolers. Just let me know what transmission you are running in the order notes (I may require measurements)! This kit includes a brand new Tremec T56 Magnum (built to your choice. The kit is designed to use the Mazda Miata (MX5) engine mounts.

My car is completely stock and one question I have been wondering is.. Do I need to modify/replace my front bumper for the turbo intercooler to fit? The Ford 8.8 is widely used and regarded as a great bang for your buck rear end. Even if it isn’t, this is still a good time to install a better clutch since the OE unit can’t handle much more power than stock. This will save you some money over the pro axles, but is not recommended for the hardcore drag racers. This full adaption kit is compatible with the following transmissions: -Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD001 -Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD005 -Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD006 -Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD008 -Nissan 350Z transmission Revision CD009 This adaption kit is compatible with the following Chassis: -Nissan S13, (240sx, and Silva) -Nissan S14, (240sx, and Silva) -Nissan S15, (Silva) ALL S-chassis driveshafts are CUSTOM made to order. This SR20DET swap kit gives you the basic components you need for an SR20DET swap for the S13. The kit is designed to solve the difficult engineering problems. July 4th weekend we finally had a chance to dust the cob webs off the S14 and …, With the entire clutch and flywheel assembly weighing in at a total of 35 lbs, …, This beautiful center garnish adheres between the rear tail lights with …. The only part that will remain stock is the outer stub that fits in the wheel hub. Make it faster. The kit is designed to fit the SR20 5 speed gearbox, the newer 6 speed gearbox will not fit. From Coilovers to Body Kits and Wheels to Race Prep parts, we are your one-stop source for the Nissan 240sx. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We have 90% of our listed items in stock and ready to ship same day or following day (depending on when the order is placed).

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